“I have never felt anything like this before”. “I felt my whole body fill with light”. “I feel my whole body vibrating”.

“I never felt energy like this doing a mantra. My entire body pulses energy waves.” C.F.

“As you chanted and did the (group) healing (technique) for us I saw pillars of light around you. In each of them was one of the Masters”

“After taking the Medicine Buddha class and a couple of other classes I have been able to feel the Masters of the lineage helping me when I do healing for others. They have also helped me keep progressing spiritually”.  D.G.

“While you did healing for us and taught us a meditation I got a major download and big blessing. A couple of days later I got a job that there was no way I should have been able to get”

“When you gave me the Abhisheka (pouring on the head of holy water/ empowerment/ link to ongoing blessing from the lineage’s Masters) I saw seven Abhisheka Masters above you pouring the blessing down into me through you”.

“I am not the same person I was when I started working with you 3 months ago. Thank you”.

“My whole body disappeared. All I saw was light”.

“Whenever I can I do the Qi Generating and Releasing Dharma before doing other spiritual practices (including Reiki). I always get more out of them and get to a higher level when I do. Before I do any workshop I do that practice.”  F.P. Santa Barbara

“Over the last two weeks my mind has become more sharp, clear, and focused. It has helped me in my school work and my basketball”.

“After the Medicine Buddha class my [psychic] friend that can see said: I see all these old Asian Guys looking over you”!  “I started chanting the Medicine Buddha mantra while seeing patients and energy healing spontaneously became a part of my practice after that”.  S.E  Chiropractor Los Angeles

“When I am at my computer, working  on a project, and unsure how to proceed, I chant a few mantras, connect with Master Yu and the Buddhas and information comes.to me.” M.R.

“After doing the meditation I was energized for the rest of the day” M.E. Los Angeles

“Recently someone did a reading for me and said he saw a Buddhist monk with me. I know it was Master Yu” G.G

“When you did healing for us my whole body filled with rainbow colored light” R.M. Los Angeles

“It was the worst migraine of my life. After you did the healing for me it was almost gone”.

“I had had a headache for 2 days. After three minutes of healing it was gone”.

“I have called upon Master Yu during… healing sessions and have received incredibly beautiful energy from him. I am humbled and grateful to you and the lineage for being part of my service to those in pain. Thank you so much Douglas”.   L.M.

‘My body fills with energy when I do the meditation.”

“When you sang the mantras for us, I didn’t want you to stop”.

“As you sang the mantras I could feel energy going up and down (my central energy channel) and in my chakras”.

“Kuan Yin appeared when you were teaching/healing us” (frequently experienced)

“Your teacher Master Yu appeared  in front of me…” (frequently experienced)

“I saw the Medicine Buddha”.

“I saw Manjushri, including the flaming sword”.

“When we started the meditation, it was about the body, about the body, then I had a moment of experiencing my infinite self… I feel so much better now… When you sang the healing mantras I felt like I was being enveloped in healing energy. It added another dimension…  I cried after that. It was a great release.” M.G.

“After doing the energizer practice I was able to give each of my Reiki clients more healing and see more clients in a row without feeling tired” L.C. Boston

“Usually I need to hold onto the wall for support as I walk down the cement stairs at work, my knees hurt a lot. The day after you did healing for me I bounced down the steps without pain and then realized what I had just done”.

“Still meditating daily (Treasure Vase) and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing such an incredible tool” T.T. L.A