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Weekly Online Dharma Book Meditation & Healing

You may join in the first time free.

Sunday 10 am PST

Monday 12 Noon PST

Wednesday 6 pm PST

Via Zoom or Phone

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Gift Yourself Time to Meditate.

Practice several short meditations that cause your mind to go into a higher state. Causes your body to emit a kind of light

Over half the people who try one of these meditations have experienced a noticeable shift within the first time. 

Most people feel increased energy in their body. Around half have seen their Inner light, many for the first time.

These meditations help open up one’s inner wisdom, heal and strengthen the body, slow down the aging process, sharpen the mind, and more.  

At the end of these meditation sessions Sifu Douglas chants for participants and sends (spiritual) mantra light healing.

Virtually everyone has said that after the meditation and healing they feel energized, relaxed, cleaned out, and refreshed.  

Please make a PayPal offering  $/10. minimum. Send the PayPal offering to my email address: (Do not use the Friends & Family option)

Or send a check to Douglas Sutton 815 N La Brea Ave #505 Inglewood, CA 90302 USA   If you would like to receive email invitations for our weekly online meditation sessions and special online blessing ceremonies please send an email to Questions: (USA number) (1) 626-736-5210

(Medicine Buddha Monday-Saturday Daily Meditation ONLINE: See below).

These practices will harmonize with other spiritual and self care practices. Meditations as taught by Master Yu Tianjian, 49th (Hanmi) Chinese Esoteric School Lineage Holder.

MEDICINE BUDDHA DAILY MEDITATION ONLINE: If you have taken the Medicine Buddha Workshop with Master Yu, Douglas Sutton, or another teacher empowered to teach Medicine Buddha by Master Yu, contact Sifu Douglas and let him know that you would like to receive invitations for our weekly online Medicine Buddha meditation.

We practice the Medicine Buddha Meditation together online: Tuesday-Saturday Noon PST, except Monday is 1pm PST (Noon PST

Noon PST is 8 pm London, 9 pm Paris, 3 pm EST)     

(Offering of $1. minimum)   Best wishes, Douglas Sifu Douglas Sutton Dari Rulai Inner Light Shrine 626-736-5210  

Ask about our other services.

Note: People also appreciate listening in (free) to our Dharma Rites (Chanting Ceremonies) They include a Full Moon Luck Change For All Sentient Beings and a New Moon Assist the Deceased For All Sentient Beings.

Many people listening to us chant have said they found listening in very beneficial and that they could feel cleansing and uplift-ment as the mantras flowed through them. You can also listen as we chant for people who have made an offering to have us chant rites for them or their loved one.

Rites include; Birthday Rite, Luck Change Rite, Extinguish Disaster, Assist the Deceased (loved ones, ancestors), Assist the Deceased for Unborn Children (Abortions), Cause for Good Marriage, Etc.

People who have taken our Medicine Buddha Workshop can help us chant for others.