Sifu Douglas Sutton

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Sifu Douglas Sutton is a Buddhist monk, healer, and teacher of Ancient Esoteric Hanmi (“Light Awakening”) Meditations. He grew up in Boston and graduated in Sociology and Art at the University of California San Diego. His on-going calling to open his heart, to spiritually awaken and to be of service guided him to again meet in this life time his Master, “Master Yu”.  Since meeting Master Yu in 2000 he has received spiritual awakening teachings of many kinds, spiritual healing teachings, many special empowerments, as well as ongoing guidance from Living Buddha, (Mahavairocana Dharma King) Dechan Jueren – Master Yu Tianjian the 49th lineage holder of the Chinese Esoteric School and 47th lineage holder of the Lingji Chan Zen Lineage.

Douglas lived and traveled with this great Master in the US and China. After returning from over 8 years in China in 2012 he served as Vice Abbot of the Dari Rulai Temple in Long Beach California. He teaches Light Awakening Meditations, is a conduit of divine healing mantra light, and conducts workshops in the US and abroad, online and in person.  The Esoteric School’s Light Awakening Meditations awaken the body’s natural ability to emit a kind of light energy referred to by ancient Buddhists as One’s Inner Light or Self Light. This Inner Light opens wisdom, heals the body, slows down the aging process. Cultivating this Inner Light can help you transform and uplift every aspect of your life.