Qi Activation, Generation, Healing Hands Empowerment: “Treasure Vase Meditations”

When your mind enters a certain state, then your body produces a kind of  light. Buddhists call this one’s ‘Inner Light.’ When the Inner Light appears, it can excite the innate abilities of the body. Every kind of energy within the body brought forth in this manner can fight against aging, resist all kinds of  illnesses, and open up one’s wisdom.”[Living Buddha Dechan Jueren]

•   5 Short Powerful Meditations

  Energize Body. • Open Qi channels • Generate much more life force.

  Receive Empowerment enables hands to emit Healing Energy. 

  Meditations to Warm or Cool Body.

  Relieve Fatigue Meditation to re-energize yourself in a few minutes. 

•   Healers receive big boost in healing abilities.

  Simple, Short Meditations • You WILL feel the energy!!

  • Use Mantra (Silent Chanting), Mudra (Hand Postures), & Visualization for amazing results.


Outer Qi Generating Meditation (Treasure Vase Energizer Practice) 

gives you more energy for everything including helping/healing self and others.             

Qi Generating Meditation with empowerment opening hands to emit healing light. 

After this workshop you may begin doing healing for others. It is best to follow up with our Medicine Buddha and Hanmi Healing Techniques workshops. 

Healers using Reiki and other systems have reported being more energized and a boost in their healing abilities. 

Re-awaken your body’s natural abilities. Develop purity and stillness of being.——————————————————————————————————————

“I have never felt anything like this before”. “I felt my whole body fill with light”. “I feel my whole body vibrating”.

“After doing the meditation I was energized for the rest of the day” M.E. Los Angeles 

“Whenever I can I do the Qi Generating and Releasing Dharma before doing other spiritual practices (including Reiki). I always get more out of them and get to a higher level when I do.”  F.P. Santa Barbara

“After doing the energizer practice I was able to give each of my Reiki clients more healing and see more clients               in a row without feeling tired” L.C. Boston 

“Still meditating daily (Treasure Vase) and I love it! Thank you so much for sharing such an incredible tool” T.T. 

$108. offering  Sifu Douglas Sutton 626-736-5210  sayhellotodouglas@yahoo.com LightAwakening.com