(Hanmi) Chinese Esoteric School Healing Techniques



(Hanmi) Chinese Esoteric School Healing Techniques

As taught by Living Buddha Dechan Jueren the 49th  lineage holder of the Chinese Esoteric School

Learn the core spiritual healing techniques of the Esoteric School passed down through this 2500+ year old unbroken lineage of enlightened masters.  Practitioners use Light Healing along with Mantra, Mudra, and Visualization for powerful multidimensional healing.



Empowerment in the “Treasure Vase Qi” Activation, Generating, and Releasing Dharma opens the practitioners hands to emit healing lightAbhisheka empowerment from the Medicine Buddha Workshop gives practitioners a link to ongoing empowerment and help from this entire 2500+ year old lineage of awakened masters. You will receive help in your own spiritual practice and life, and help as you help others. 

Using mantra mudra, and visualization you can connect with countless great Buddhas and Bodhisattvas (great awakened masters) that made vows to help all beings. They will help you.

Learn: How to protect yourself when doing healing. The powerful Great Compassion mantra which connects you to blessing and help from Avalokitesvara/Kuan Yin.    How to send light to do the healing. How to pull out sickness and ill/stagnant energy. The Illumination of the Nine Suns healing techniques. The Blue Balloon healing technique. Specific spiritual techniques for healing: headaches, eye problems, respiratory ailments, arthritis, heart attack, breast cancer/cyst/scar, prostrate problems, diabetes, kidney and bladder problem, and tumors. Distance healing techniques, distance acupuncture (for acupuncturists), group healing techniques, how to clear yourself as necessary after doing healing, and more.

“To be able to help heal and alleviate others of their illness and disasters, you must have a strong body and mental toughness, unaffected by obstacles or the conditions of the environment. Only then will you have the energy and strength to free others from their suffering”. – Living Buddha Dechan Jueren.

Many additional mantras and Dharma practices including the Esoteric School Foundation Practices are available to help you grow stronger; mentally, physically, and spiritually. Additional advanced practices are available to help you continue to increase your abilities as a healer“Esoteric Buddhism teaches the ways to attain enlightenment in this lifetime, in this body”. – Living Buddha Dechan Jueren.


“As you chanted and did the (group) healing (technique) for us I saw pillars of light around you. In each of them was one of the Masters”

“After the Medicine Buddha class and a couple of other classes I have been able to feel the Masters of the lineage helping me when I do healing for others. They have also helped me keep progressing spiritually”.  D.G. Boston

“I have called upon Master Yu during… healing sessions and have received incredibly beautiful energy from him. I am humbled and grateful to you and the lineage for being part of my service to those in pain. Thank you so much Douglas”.   L.M. Los Angeles

“When you did healing for us my whole body filled with rainbow colored light” R.M. Los Angeles

“Kuan Yin appeared when you were teaching/healing us” (frequently experienced)

“Your teacher Master Yu appeared  in front of me…” (frequently experienced)

Healing Techniques Class Fee $108

Questions call/email Vajracharya Douglas Sutton: sayhellotodouglas@yahoo.com