Medicine Buddha Prevent Contagious Disease Practices. COVID-19 Spiritual Protection and Healing

Daily Online Medicine Buddha Meditation Practice.                                                             For people who have taken our Medicine Buddha Workshop with Master Yu or one of the Vajracharya teachers that he empowered, I welcome you to join us.   Online Medicine Buddha Practice times are Monday 1pm PST,  & Tuesday – Saturday Noon-1pm.

To join the Online Medicine Buddha Practice. Please send me an email and preferably include your phone number. Who did you take the Medicine Buddha workshop with and approximately when? I may want to to talk with you briefly. Email me at I will send the Zoom videoconference link invitation (or use a phone call in number) that we are using for the daily online practice.  You must have had the Medicine Buddha workshop and Abisheka Empowerment with the Hanmi lineage to participate in our Medicine Buddha Meditations.


As indicated above, If you haven’t had the Medicine Buddha Workshop with our lineage then you may practice two Prevent Contagious Disease Medicine Buddha Extra Life Practices that are in our public teachings handbook; The Dharma Book ; 33 Meditations for Spiritual Awakening, Healing, & Strengthening. Currently, one of those practices is being guided in each of my Online Meditation and Spiritual Healing sessions.

You may purchase a copy of The Dharma Book with this mediation and 32 other  meditations  for awakening, healing, strengthening and more; $49. plus $6. shipping.  Please contact Sifu Douglas if you would like to order a copy. I will ship it as soon I can. Shipping date could be affected by California travel restrictions. (Currently post offices are open).


Spiritual Practices to Awaken your Light Body, Strengthen & Heal your physical body and Accelerate your Awakening.

Master Yu’s comments about teaching the Medicine Buddha Dharma 

Living Buddha Dechan Jueren (Master Yu Tianjian), 49th Lineage Holder of the Chinese Esoteric School taught the Medicine Buddha and Prevent Contagious Disease Medicine Buddha Extra Life Practices to give practitioner spiritual protection from diseases he saw coming in the future.

I have decided to begin to teach the Medicine Buddha teaching. About a week ago in Hawaii, in Maui, I have begun that teaching to the public. Traditionally, the whole Medicine Buddha dharma practice was only meant for the initiated students. It was not meant for the public. But now it’s the time, whether it’s for the initiated students or for the public, they need this Medicine Buddha Dharma practice. By doing this, not only will you prevent yourself from catching this virus called SARS and other things that will come soon, but you will also be able to heal others who have it.

However there is one requirement before one may begin to learn the Medicine Buddha Dharma. The requirement is you must receive an Abisheka first – a Buddhist form of baptism, an empowerment in the sense of transference of power. So that in doing this practice you will become effective. Without getting Abisheka, it will be useless.

The dharma practice includes mantra, mudra, and visualization, and the Medicine Buddha mantra is a little bit longer than what most people have learnt. They know very short mantras, but this mantra is a little bit longer. If you decide to learn it, you will really have to put some effort to memorize the whole thing.

The matter of fact is this particular Medicine Buddha practice was traditionally not taught to the public. This practice was only meant for the initiated students. However, because of extra circumstances that we’re facing – soon – you will definitely need it! Therefore I have decided to break from tradition, and give this to the public, under one condition – they have to get an abhiseka first. You have now learned how to do this thing, but it does not mean you have attained the dharma and you are capable of doing this.

However, I do hope to see that you will practice and actually attain to the dharma. If you just practice for a little bit, for a few minutes, you will feel it getting hot. If you practice to the point that you will attain to that stage, every pore of your body is emitting blue light, blue flame, like a very strong fire burning. You will excrete all illness with this blue light. Once every pore is emitting blue light, you will no longer feel hot. Whoever meets you will feel that you look different, and there seems to be more light – or a stronger aura – around you, and when they get close to you, you seem to be giving off heat. Because at that stage of your practice, your body will continue to emit blue light. Therefore, if your body continues to emit light, no SARS or whatever virus or disease will be able to infect your body.

That’s only the meditation part. Here comes the application, to heal a person who has the virus – whether it’s SARs or any kind of virus, this meditation can heal them.

The world is in turmoil. The question is, what are we to do? The only things you should really be doing and focusing on is how to stay healthy. If you have good health and good luck, then you don’t have to be afraid of anything. You can be around afterward to help out. Of course, I say this and people may feel it is very selfish. People may feel I have no compassion, that I keep saying, “Prepare yourself, and don’t care about what happens in the world.” But be realistic, and be very honest. Whatever happens in the world, you have no control over it. You are a single person. You think you can do anything to change it? There is nothing you can do about it. This is reality. So you’re unique not in the sense like what can you do for the rest of the world, but what can you do for yourself. First, have good health”.

-Master Yu Tianjian 2003.

For More information about the Medicine Buddha Workshop: The Main meditation for oneself, the Medicine Buddha Pagoda technique to heal others, Purification of Air, Food, and Drinks go to the website homepage and then to Workshops & Teachings You may contact Sifu Douglas if you would like to receive the Medicine Buddha teachings and empowerment or ask questions.  If you have already taken this workshop and would like to review it online contact Sifu Douglas. (If you have a Sifu in the Hanmi Lineage, please ask your Sifu for their Ok first).

Dari Rulai Temple has Yong He Gong Temple “Dharma Wheel” Pendants specially Blessed to give Spiritual Protection from Disease, Disaster, & War by 11 Living Buddhas, and 108 Monks over 100 days of ceremony. These are available from Dari Rulai Temple for you and your loved ones. READ MASTER YU’s comments about them below.

Cost per pendant is $60. plus shipping $6. Total $66. Contact Sifu Douglas to request.

“For all these living Buddhas in China, they knew what would happen in the future. So ever since right after 9/11 event, the first New Years after 9/11, they already knew what would come in the next few years, next ten years. So they have come together, and did a 100-day ceremony, a prayer service. This group of people in China, in Beijing, will rarely gather together like this. There were eleven Living Buddhas from the Yellow Temple. Eleven. That’s a lot of Living Buddhas at the same time. And 108 Lamas, 108, from the Palace of Harmony, also in Beijing China. They came together and did a 100-day service, a dharma ceremony, to empower pendants. In addition to pendants they actually, I call it empower but you can think of… they put all their powers, all their blessings, they infused them into all these items. Pendants, and other articles of clothing, and also masks. All these things. (Unclear) Of course, right after 9/11, the foreign relationship between China and U.S. is basically in a not very good state right now. So it would not be very easy to bring all these items to the U.S.

This pendant I am holding for you, last time I brought some from with me China. That’s the only time I brought it back from China. I brought a suitcase full of pendants. This time when I came back from China to the U.S., I was not able to bring any over. So that’s the only suitcase load of pendants I have in the U.S. right now. They’ve been sitting there for about a year. Most people don’t know too much about it.

If you wear this, what would this do for you? If you wear this empowered pendant from all these enlightened people, this whole group of enlightened people, it’s like they turned all these little pendants in a kind of like converging hot spot, with the energy of the universe. Therefore you will form a field of protection all around you, kind of like increase your aura strength, therefore you will naturally strengthen your immune system, and you will be protected against illness and viruses. Of course, as I say, I only brought over one suitcase full of the pendants about a year ago, and maybe half of those are gone. There is a very limited quantity. If anybody still wants to get one, you can get one at the table at the back…

So how powerful really are these things? If it has such an effect, does this thing really have this much energy? You can try to sense this for yourself. Place your feet on the ground flat and just turn your hands over with the palms facing up, and relax

If I move in this way, what do you feel?

Audience: (Unclear)

Dechan Jueren: Do you feel a certain sensation in your palms? Keep your palms facing up, and you will feel it. What about if I move this way? What do you feel in your hands? What about this way? It is a different kind of sensation.

(These pendants have been chanted over) to actually infuse the items, bless the items, so they now actually have all this power, strength.

Dechan Jueren: These little pendants will be very effective in the near future. So I have to tell you this, whether you want to get one or not, because you will find out in the future, and I will only tell you right now, we have a very limited quantity in the U.S. As I mentioned earlier, they also empowered and blessed clothing, shoes, something you want to wear. I have only brought a few sets back, and I have not seen any sets left. Everybody snatched them up. They’re all gone”.

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