Workshops & Teachings

First some General Information:

People learn to use ancient Sanskrit Mantras,  Mudras- hand or body positions, and Visualizations to go into different higher states of consciousness. We have a book of 33 meditations, its a meditation manual really, giving the mantra, mudra, and visualization steps for 33 meditations. The Dharma book offers 5 foundation meditations; for self awakening and empowerment, strengthening, healing, and much more, 6 lotus family practices, healing meditations for various common illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, eye problems and obesity,  and many other meditations to help you experience your true nature, strengthening and uplift yourself, experience higher and higher states of consciousness, let go, and awaken.

We also teach many advanced practices not in this book. There are practices for awakening, healing, abundance and prosperity, spiritual protection, awakening all kinds of siddhi powers and much much more.

Practitioners also connect with the consciousness of the great masters such as Medicine Buddha, and Kuan Yin. Countless great masters, or as many say today- ascended masters, bless and empower practitioners to help themselves, raise their own consciousness and to help and heal others. When our consciousness truly joins as one with the masters we too become a master.

Many people that Sifu Douglas teaches can feel the blessing and help of  Master Yu when they practice and when they call on him. Healers find that their ability to help others rises, sometimes dramatically. We teach many ancient healing techniques for general healing, and for healing specific illnesses and conditions. Our book Thunderbolt Yoga Subduing Mara (which means subduing death) has healing techniques for a 100 different illnesses and conditions that were passed down through this lineage of enlightened masters.

Reiki practitioners that have received our lineage connection empowerment, and healing hands and Qi activation empowerments have told me that these have boosted their healing abilities to a higher level. Master Yu said that Reiki healing was a gift to humanity from Medicine Buddha in the early 1900’s.

We teach Medicine Buddha’s healing practices that been passed down for thousands of years. Included is a core self awakening and healing meditation, and a high level practice to heal others of life threatening and severe illnesses. In the workshop I also teach people simple, quick methods using mantra and visualization to purify,  improve the taste of, and raise the vibration of food, and drinks. Virtually everyone can immediately taste a big improvement and sense the new high vibration in the food and drinks that they have have just learned to purify and bless. These spiritual purification practices help us use our consciousness to clear out toxic and unhealthy substances in our food and drink.

Our Medicine Buddha workshop includes a lineage connection link, to on-going empowerment, guidance, and help from the masters of the lineage. Many people have found the Medicine Buddha empowerment and practices to be life changing.

Of course we talk about Buddhist Philosophy as well, for example causes of suffering, such as attachment and craving and how to over come these. The accumulated wisdom teachings serve as a light to awaken the mind.

We also encourage people to chant mantras that will gradually uplift and  empower them. We have a set of 33 foundation mantras that people can learn which can be used for all kinds of things. For people who really want to attain to all kinds of spiritual abilities there are another hundred mantras and practices.

Workshops include:

Medicine Buddha Workshop with Abhisheka Empowerment for Ongoing Lineage Blessing, Purification of Air, Food, and Drink, Pagoda Healing Technique for others.

Treasure Vase Qi Activation, Generating, and Releasing Practices with Healing Hands Empowerment.

Hanmi (Chinese Esoteric School) Healing Techniques

Yellow Jambhala Lord of Wealth and Elephant King Ask for Wealth Practices with Abhisheka Empowerment .

Black Manjusri Spiritual Protection Workshop with Abhisheka Empowerment

Calming & Relaxing (Calm & Focus the Mind for Higher Attainment, improved sleep, etc.)

Diamond Wisdom (Enter 2nd Zen State. Build Indestructible Golden Light Body)